Shoreline Tourism LLC focuses on work not only with agents and corporate clients, we are also happy to work and provide a high level of service with respect to travel services or carrying out any activities for our FIT customers.

FIT stands for Fully Independent Traveler.

Alternative uses also include Free Independent Traveler, Frequent Independent Traveler, Frequent Individual Traveler, Foreign Independent Traveler or Free Independent Tourist.

Essentially, the Fully Independent Traveler is a single tourist.  It can represent a couple or family, but is traditionally thought of in the singular form.

These leisure tourists are independent…planning their own travel, itinerary or route…without the assistance of a group tour, pre-arranged schedule or other group setting.

Many, choosing where to go, probably asked yourself the question

Why are all individual tours it is necessary to ask for?
Why not let clients and agencies create their own tours, which will meet all expectations?

And all these services we offer for you! We have not just one partner and supplier of all UAE services, we have a large number of suppliers and partners, and this makes high quality of our providing services. We offer the best price for all customers who wish to take a trip with Shoreline Tourism.

Shoreline Tourism Company offers services such as

Individually created Excursion Packages
Individually by Wedding Packages
Individually created packages for groups
Individually by MICE packages
And much more that can make your holiday full of pleasant moments.

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